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HC Metalurg’s youth team lost the match in the semi-final against RK Prilep in the youth Final Four which was held today at Avtokomanda Hall. We lost the match with a result 24:26 (10:11).

Unfortunately, we had a poor game and missed few chances that could led us to the final. However, RK Prilep’s youth team deserved the victory.

The first half was marked by RK Prilep’s dominance. Their team was constantly leading, while HC Metalurg would just occasionally equal the score.

Things changed at the beginning of the second half, when HC Metalurg with a series of 4:0 managed to take over the lead for 14:11. But, RK Prilep did not surrender and got back in the game after ten minutes and again took the lead with 16:17. In the last ten minutes, we had an advantage of two goals, 23:21, and two extra players on the court. But, instead of breaking the opponent, we let RK Prilep prevent our attack and then take the lead with 24:25. We had 30 seconds to equal the score, but we made a technical error which RK Prilep used it to score another goal for final 24:26.

HC Metalurg – RK Prilep 24:26 (10:11)

HC Metalurg: Blazevski, Petkovski, Redzic 1, Sulevski 1, Stojkovski 3, Zdravkovski 2, Dimitrioski 5, Ilievski 1, Stojmenov, Silegov 4, Lembanov, Tankoski 7, Smilevski, Mitrevski, Lazarevski, and Bekjarovski.          Seven metre throws: 1/1.          Suspension: 4 minutes.      Red card: Kristijan Zdravkovski in the 60-th minute.

RK Prilep: Ilioski, Despotovski, N. Petreski 9, Neskoski, Trajkoski 3, Janeski 4, Stojceski 1, F. Petreski, Tintor, Spasevski 3, Sokoski, Kusubojovski, Nonevski, Kocoski, Sileski, and Ilieski 6.
Seven metre throws: 4/5.         Suspension: 4 minutes.

Referees: Viktor Andonov and Stojance Jovanovski from Skopje.

Delegate: Vladimir Sazdovski from Skopje.

HC Vardar will play in the final after it defeated RK Prolet in the semi-final match with a result 18:17 (8:10).

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