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It was nice to be present in SC Boris Trajkovski today. It was the first match of the young HC Metalurg, and the last of the incredible Renato Vugrinec against RK Vojvodina, which was a good opponent.

The guest team dominated in the first half of the match and used the fact that our young players were quite impressed by them and quickly created a convincing advantage. It was evident that our young players were nervous and felt responsible for the result of now their HC Metalurg. The experienced team of the double Serbian champion created a solid advantage of six goals, 11:17, until the end of the first half and at that moment, everyone expected that HC Metalurg would face a terrible defeat.

But, our young players did not think so. HC Metalurg completely dominated in the second half and the players started playing more aggressively, more feisty and then totally outplayed the opponent. The period from the 47-th to the 56-th minute was critical, because at the score of 20:25, our young players made a series of 5:0 and equaled the score which caused an eruption in our biggest sports arena. In the last 30 seconds, we had an attack for the victory, but we did not realize it, just as the opponent did in the last ten seconds.

Renato Vugrinec, who had his last match for HC Metalurg, today was a real leader by scoring nine goals. After the end of the match, he received incredible ovations which he absolutely deserved.

The real heroes for the turnover were our goalkeeper Mitrevski, who saved every shot at the right time, and the young Kostestki, who scored six goals out of six attempts.

HC Metalurg – RK Vojvodina 26:26 (11:17)

HC Metalurg: Mitrevski (11 saves + 2 seven metre shots), Misovski (2 saves), Ojleski, Bojan Madzovski 1/1, Kosteski 6/6, M. Manaskov, Kukoski, Neloski 2/4, Krstevski, Borjan Madzovski 1/1, Taleski 4/9, Velkovski, Pesevski 3/4, Djukic 0/1, and Vugrinec 9/11.
Seven metre throws: 3/4.        Suspension: 4 minutes.

RK Vojvodina: Kocic (8 saves), L. Arsenic, Zivkovic, Orbovic, Todorovic, Elezovic, Marjanovic, Smiljanic, Jovanovic, Lazovic, N. Arsenic, Nikolic, Denic, Stankovic, Datukashvili, and Curkovic.    Seven metre throws: 1/3.             Suspension: 10 minutes.

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