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01.03.2015 21:10

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This is the short description of what was happening today in Brest. HC Metalurg had another excellent match and pulled through a result that we had not been able to obtain even with the first in the middle of the ongoing season. After the minimal defeats by HC PPD Zagreb and this one by Brest Meshkov, the young HC Metalurg has only confirmed that it has become more and more confident and that we are on the right track in consolidating the team.

The bad start on the match, which happens on each match, decided for the winner. Without many efforts, Brest Meshkov acquired an advantage of five goals, 6:1, and we scored our first goal in the seventh minute. In the last three minutes of the first half, we made a series of 4:0 and this period of the game finished with a result 15:12 in favour of our opponent.

This was a third match in a row, in which we defeated our renowned opponents in the second half. Although the beginning of the match was not promising, because we were losing with an advantage of six goals by the 37-th minute (18:12), still we were dominant in this half. With the two goals of Neloski, two of Ojleski, and one of Buvinic, we have made a series of 5:0 and we reduced the advantage to just one goal in the 45-th minute. But that was not our best score on the match, because on four minutes until the end of the match we managed to equal the score, 23:23. Unfortunately, that was all we could do on this match. The home team saved the match with the goals of Stojkovic and Manojlovic.

Brest Meshkov – HC Metalurg 25:23 (15:12)

Brest Meshkov: Pesic (3 saves + one seven metre throw), Charapenka (7 saves), Patotski, Babichev, Bozovic 5, Manojlovic 3, Kamyshyk, Spiler 2, Nikulenkau 3, Stojkovic 3, Vukic 3, Varanov, Karacic 1, Rutenka 1, Razgor 3, and Shylovich 1.            Seven metre throws: 3/4.            Suspension: 6 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Misovski (5 saves + one seven metre throw), Mitrevski, Ojleski 7, Bojan Madzovski, Kosteski, Manaskov 2, Buvinic 2, Kukoski, Neloski 4, Krstevski, Borjan Madzovski, Velkovski, Pesevski 2, Djukic 6, and Stojanovic.            Seven metre throws: 2/3.         Suspension: 6 minutes.


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