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The Belorussian team of Dinamo Minsk is the Sunday opponent of Metalurg in the 4th round of Champions League. Last season Metalurg and Dinamo Minsk played in the eight-final of Champions League and Metalurg celebrated twice with 24-22 and 26-23 while this season they’re direct competitors in group C.

-The Sunday match is going to be very tough since the need and desire to win create an additional pressure. This match is important for us and for Dinamo Minsk while the winner heads for the eight-final. Knowing myself and my team mates I have optimistic attitude toward this duel and I hope with audience’s support we’ll easily gain the points, announced the Russian Pavel Atman promising that in the Sunday duel he’ll have a special motive for the victory against his former club.

Last season the Montenegrin representative goalkeeper Rade Mijatovik played for Dinamo Minsk and before the new season became a member of Metalurg.

-The last year and this year team of Metalurg is completely different. They composed totally new team. Besides the great reforms in the playing squad, now a new coach leads the team, the selector of Slovenian representation Boris Denis bringing three more Slovenian representatives. Since I knew the players who left and those who came I have the say the team’s quality is not different than last season with an exception to the fact that the old team of Dinamo played together for a long time and the new team needs time to get used to each other – claims Mijatovic, the goalkeeper of Metalurg.

This season Rade Mijatovic, Pavel Atman (in Metalurg), Oleg Skopincev, Vladislav Ostroushko, Aleksander Shevelev, Ratko Nikolic, Sergej Onufrienko (in Motor Zaporozje), Ander Kapal (in Regia Minsk), Vasko Shevaljevic (in Hanover) left the club while Ivan Nincevic (of Fusche Berlin), Uros Bundalo, Dean Bombac (of Cimos Koper), Michel Agurirezabalaga (of Barcelona), Eldar Nasirov (of St. Petersburg), Damir Doborac (of Gradachac), Sergei Shelmenko (of Chekhovskiye Medvedi) and David Miklavcik (of Gorenje) joined the club.

-Dinamo Minsk has a completely new team. Nine players left the club, mostly hubs of the game, while eight new players came to our place so i can’t be concrete about the quality and the strength of the new Dinamo – says Atman.

Team of Metalurg experienced also some changes in the squad keeping the structure of the team and additionally backed-up with Atman.

-Compared to last season Metalurg gained a lot with the arrival of Atman. I spent one season with him in Minsk and I have to say he’s one exceptionally fierce and quality player who can play well in all the external positions with very strong and precise shot that is very hard to save – says Mijatovic who believes that Metalurg needs another scorer of Atman’s class.

After the three rounds of Champions League, Metalurg and Dinamo Minsk have two wins and one defeat and equal number of points, four. Metalurg outrivaled Wacker Thun and PSG, lost the match against Barcelona, while Dinamo Minsk played better then Vardar and Wacker Thun but got defeated by PSG.

Author: Tanja Dimitrioska (Nova Makedonija)


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