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The forthcoming duels in the frames of Champions League, between teams of Vardar and Metalurg are going to be under security supervision of EHF. Both clashes ,which EHF called historic since for the first time play teams from the same city, are controlled by the special security delegacy, the Belgian Claus Diter Convenc.

Below is the complete letter of EHF:

Dear handball friends in Skopje,

We are two weeks away from a historicalmatch in the history of the EHF, which is the first ever game of two clubs from the same city in the VELUX EHF Champions League!

The first clash between Metalurg and Vardar in the EHF’s top club competition on Thursday, 14 November 2013 reflects not only the moving forward of handball in Macedonia in general over the last few years, but it also is a true signal for the positive development around the carrying out of matches in Macedonia and especially in Skopje. This situation was also considered with appreciation from the side of the EHF at the start of this season, when Metalurg was awarded with a Wild Card for the VELUX EHF Champions League against a number of other candidates from Europe.

For sure these two matches between Metalurg and Vardar will be a very special event in Skopje and “Boris Trajkovski“ and mark another highlight of handball in Macedonia.

In order to prolong and keep the very good impression of top level handball matches carried out in Skopje the EHF will do its utmost to support and assist the local organization in order to transport the enthusiastic atmosphere from “Boris Trajkovski“ in the best possible way to the rest of Europe. We therefore would like to  start the communication with both clubs in view to these matches already today and continue with it all the way until the day of the first match and also afterwards until the second match on 24 November.

Furthermore the EHF has decided to pay tribute to this special situation and to nominate an EHF Security Delegate for the two matches (Klaus Dieter Convents/BEL), who brings with him all the necessary experience from other high profile matches in Europe, but who is also ready to assist and support all issues regarding security and spectators organization inside and outside the arena. This includes not only the general group of spectators but also the handling of the fans from the guest club, which is a very particular issue around these two matches as the fans of the guest club are “guests“ in their normal home arena.

On the one hand the EHF has full trust in the ability of the two clubs and the support of the Federation, where necessary, together with the local authorities, however, on the other hand, it must not be forgotten in all the contacts and decisions around the organization of the two matches that these games are part of the VELUX EHF Champions League Group Phase with all its requirements and regulation references. Even more, the games will have a very high international recognition all over Europe and beyond due to the large distribution of the TV-signal and the interest of handball fans all around Europe not only in the sports performance of the teams on the court, but also in the outstanding atmosphere in “Boris Trajkovski“.

Summarizing all the relevant issues we are very sure that all parties concerned in Skopje understand the importance of these matches in the further strengthening of Skopje as one of the top landmarks in Europe for high level handball matches and that all persons involved will identify their responsibility for this situation as a priority around these two matches.

As mentioned above, Mr. Convents in his function as an EHF Security Delegate will be in contact with the clubs prior to the match and assist and support all the mentioned areas from his arrival to his departure in Skopje. We kindly ask you to provide him with all information that are necessary or requested and to go into a close and positive co-operation with him in order to safeguard and preserve the currently very positive image of handball in Macedonia.

Looking forward to these matches we thank you in advance for your contribution and co-operation and remain, for the time being, with best regards.


Маrkus Glazer



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