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After the young Martin Manaskov was called in the Macedonian national handball team, there is a new brother tandem in the squad since his older brother Dejan has been a long-time resident there. HC Metalurg has got two brother tandems in the Macedonian national team and those are Naumce and Zlatko Mojsovski, and of course, Velko and Nikola Markoski.

– Of course, I find it very helping that my brother has already been part of the national handball team. He gives me advice after each practice and helps me adapt in the squad. His presence on the training practices gives me more confidence which now at the beginning of my career in the national team is very important – said Martin Manaskov.

Now Dejan has another extra duty in the squad after Martin was called.

– When Martin came in the national team, I got another extra duty. I am doing everything in my power so that he can feel good in the national team and he can adapt better. Every player who is new in the national team needs support at the beginning of his career in the holy jersey – stated Dejan Manaskov.

The national handball team has been working on their preparations in Ohrid since last week for the play-off matches against Greece for the World Championship 2015 in Qatar. The first match is on Saturday in Athens, while the re-match is going to be on 15 June in Skopje.

Mihajlo Postolovski, “Nova Makedonija”.

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