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The Macedonian representation experienced expected defeat by the Spain’s selection. In Guadalajara we lost with result 29:17 (12:8). Though in the list the names of Kire Lazarov and Angelovski stood, they didn’t play on the match. If we add the names of the standard representatives Mirkulovski and Vele Markoski, rehabilitating their injuries, than it is rightly to say we performed with weaken squad.

The high defeat is due to the collapsed game we played in the second halftime. Taking into account the first part of the match, played very solid, it didn’t foresee our complete failure in the rest of the match. First halftime went on almost equally with the great opponent, and the average created the results of the short-term bad periods in our game. In the 22th minute we had an incredible 7:8 and then allowed the opponent’s miniseries of 4:1 and ending the halftime by four-goal average, 12:8. We played well in defense, having a few offence issues, particularly in the offence position.

Second halftime went absolutely wrong. We broke the record in technical penalties per match so the opponent punished us in the worst possible way- easy scores from a fast counter-offence.

Now, we have to forget these matches against Spain and focus on matches where we are in role of a favorite, against Switzerland and Portugal.

Spain- Macedonia 29:17 (12:8)

Spain(13+11): Sierra (15 saves), Sterbik (1 save), Rivera 7, Baena 1, Rocas, Antonio Garcia 2, Cañellas, Ruesga, Maqueda 6, Morros 1, Guardiola 1, Montoro 2, Raul Entrerrios 3, Tomas 6, Chema Rodriguez and Arino. Penalties: 3/4 Suspension: 2 minutes.

Macedonia (7+10): Mitrevski (6 saves), Angelov (5 saves), Majnov 1, Stoilov 1, Jonovski 1, Temelkov 2, N. Markoski 1, Mojsovski 2 (1), Dimovski, Georgievski 1, F. Lazarov, Ojleski 4, Levov 2, Kuzmanovski 2 (1), K. Lazarov and Angelovski. Penalties: 2/3 Suspension: 8 minutes

Score tracking: 1:0, 3:2, 8:4, 8:7, 10:8, 12:8 (halftime); 14:8, 15-10, 16-12, 22-12, 24-13, 28-16, 29-17 (end).

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