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In the championship competition of male super league 4th round, team of Metalurg outrival Zomimak M’s squad, scoring the result 28:22 (13:13). This match took place in Avtokomanda hall, but with team of Strumica as the home team. It was a matter of agreement between both team’s officials so that Metalurg avoids the tiresome trip to Strumica, right now before the clash against Kielce. 9th round match follows in Strumica with our champion being the host.

Metalurg played today’s match with only the necessary strength to gain three new points but carefully enough avoiding undesirable injury before Sunday’s game on Polish champion ground Kielce of the Championship League.

First halftime was leveled fight, the solid Strumica squad had their moments and in the 14th minute controlled the game with two goals average, 7:5. First part ended with result 13:13.

However, things changed during the second halftime. Metalurg forced the game, particularly the defense and step by step gained advantage. In 33th minute Metalurg claimed 16:14, in 43th was 20:17 and reach its peak in 56th minute, 26:20.

The match went through without Stanik, Kozilna, Batinovik while Dimovski and Mitrevski weren’t playing.

Petar Angelov, who due to club’s need canceled the scheduled surgery and performed with taken injection in his knee, is now back with an enormous 20 saves hence he is one of the most deserving for Metalurg’s victory.

HC Zomimak M- Metalurg 22:28 (13:13)

HC Zomimak: Vasilev, Atanasov, Pavlovski 3, Lazarov, Trencevski 2, Milosavlevic 5, Kolev, Stojanov, Petkoski, Stojanoski, Sokolov 3, Canturija 5 and Vezenkovski 4. Penalties: 1/2  Suspensions: 4 minutes,

koszulkaaa2_resizeHC Metalurg: Angelov (20 saves), Mitrevski, Rakcevic 3, Levov, Dimovski, Vugrinec 2, Georgievski 3, Mirkulovski 2, Markoski, Z.Mojsoski 1, Doder 1, N. Mojsovski 9, Jonovski 3, Mandic, Alushovski 2, and Korazija 2. Penalties: 4/4 Suspensions: 8 minutes.

Judges: Nacevski Gjorgji and Nikolov Slave from Skopje.

Delegacy: Naumovski Ruse from Skopje.


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