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Metalurg experienced its first defeat in 2013. We lost by the home team of Brest Meshkov, with the score of 26: 28 (14:15).

Today’s game with the vigorous Brest Meshkov team was significant for both our top position at the championship table as well as estimating our present capabilities before the important match against the team of Gorenje, in the eighth round of the Champions League.  It was important to see the condition of our national team players after the exhausting World Championship in Spain.

We started the game well. Two goals by Kozlina and another by Rakcevik gave Metalurg an initial 3-0 lead. Home team scored its first goal as late as the sixth minute. However, Brest Meshkov gradually began to catch up and in the 17th minute for the first time leveled the score, 8:8, while later, with another two goals by Vukik and Shumak, Metalurg lead 10:8. From 20 to 24th minute Metalurg had a 4-0 run and had again taken over the lead, 11: 13. The half time ended with a minimal advantage to the home team, 15:14.

The only player with maximum effect was Dejan Manaskov, who scored three goals out of three attempts in the first half. Rakcevik was good with 4 goals, as well as Vugrinec and Kozlina with three each.

In the second half, first we evened the score through Manaskov, and then we led 15:16 with the goal scored by Vugrinec. Our last lead was in 36th minute, 16:17, and after that the home team took control of the result.

From 48 to 51 minute we conceded four goals and scored none, which resulted in high Brest lead of 25:20. Mirkulovski brought us back in the game with his two goals, in 52 and 53 minute, but that simply wasn’t enough for today’s match. Game ended with Metalurg’s defeat.

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Brest Meshkov: Carapenka (16 saves), Bozik, Shumak 5/7, Ataevac 2/4, Markotik 5/6, Knudsem 4/11, Novickis, Prakapena 3/7, Knazev, Vukik 6/7, Baranov 3/6, Grosas, Kostadinovik, Karacik, Taratin and Valiancev Penalties: 4/4.  Suspensions: 2 minutes.

Metalurg: Stanik (10 saves), Mitrevski, Rakicevic 6/7, Levov 3/3, Dimovski, Vugrinec 4/7, Georgievski 0/3, Kozlina ¾, Manaskov 6/9, Mirkulovski 2/4, Markoski 1/1, Doder, N. Mojsoski 1/5, Alushovski, Jonovski and Mandik. Penalties 1/2; Suspensions: 4 minutes.

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