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The comeback of Milan Corovic in Metalurg remind us to the events of 2006 when Metalurg won the first title of Macedonian championship. In the master game of the final series against team of Vardar PRO we won in Avtokomanda with result 25:24 (14:13) but lost in SCR Kale with result 40:33 (20:19).

Looking into the old archives we came across the article of Sashko Dimovski in “Utrinski Vesnik”. Below in the entire arctile.

Taken from “Utrinski Vesnik”:

Premier championship title for Metalurg players


After the Serbian international player Milan Corik scored, two seconds near the end Metalurg won the master game against Vardar PRO with 27:26 and won the first championship title of the home handball championship but also the first double crown in club’s history since the super league team from Avtokomanda previously triumphed in the national Cup of SCR Kale.

– I wasn’t thinking when I scored. All or nothing. I did a trick, scored but I didn’t know which part of the goal I scored, I wasn’t even away if I scored it at all. I have to say Crvena Zveda I my club but I like this title more. We used the last reserves of strengths. The painstaking tempo during the matches and trainings paid-off but the tiredness was getting harder to manage, I don’t know if it was obvious on the ground. Should we play another game I had no idea how to hold on, stated the hero of the match, Corovic who won his second double crown in his career after he won one with Crvena Zvezda in the handball championship of Serbia and Montenegro.

The last final game brought great game and the coach of Metalurg, Jovica Cvetkovic agrees. The battle was fierce and at times tough but most important was the defense which resulted in the scores the players had on the halftime break, 9:9.

– The psychological preparedness came to the fore. I believe that was the crucial moment in the match since it lacked beauty in the game – was the first comment of Metalurg’s coach, Jovica Cvetkovic after the match ended.

– Achieving the offences gave us hard time. But we added great game in defense. In the end God looked upon us and helped in everything we did this season.

Cvetkovik is responsible for Metalurg improvement. With professional approach he created a homogenous environment to which added Milan Corovik at the half-season, that was the right move to do. The nine months of hard work was crowned with two titles and premier participation of Metalurg in Champions League in the next season.  And all of that deservingly. Five times this season they crashed the city competitor Vardar PRO while suffering two defeats in the home championship one by Pelister and Mladost.

Players of Vardar will regret the things they missed since 10 seconds near the end had rummy and one player more on the ground. Maybe it was the reason for many sacks in their lines thinking that the competitor would be a threat after Doknik’s goal. But corovik disagree and punished opponent’s comfort and with nine-meter score put an end of the final series which led to euphoric celebration on the strands and ground of the premier championship title in Avtokomanda.

– The tension prior to the match was completely unnecessary. We’ve presented that a game can be played fair and proper. Today in Macedonia it was the handball that won and that’s all that matters. We’ve played a significantly uncertain match where my players at times thought they can do something more not as we all know the collective is stronger than the individual, stated the coach of Vardar PRO, Veselin Vujovic and to the question whether he’s stay in Skopje he added: Right know I cannot say. It depends on the negotiations with club’s officials in the following period.

Metalurg – Vardar PRO 27:26 (9:9)

Sports hall in Avtokomanda. Number of viewers: 1.000. Referees: Kamishevski and Nikolovski. Red cards: Makaloski (Metalurg) and Dobrkovic (Vardar PRO).

Metalurg: Zivoinovic (18 saves +1 penalty), Kolev, Pecakovski, Dimovski 2, Corovic 9 (1/2), Lazarov, Naumovski 3, Angelovski 5, Mirkulovski, Gjorgonovski, Maljcev 2 (0/1), Canturija 1, Makaloski 5 (3/4), Zubic.    Coach: Jovica Cvetkovic. Penalties: 4/7.    Suspensions: 14 minutes.    Lost balls: 15.

Vardar PRO: Daskalovski (10 saves + 1 penalty), Doknic (5 saves + 1 penalty), Pekovski, Rakcevic 3, Nedanovski 3 (2/2), Trpevski 2, Dobrkovic 5, Vasjuk 3, Markovski, Kovalenko 3 (1/2), Stojanovic 2, Petrovski, Mojsovski 2, Alushovski 1. Coach: Veselin Vujovic.  Penalties: 3/4.  Suspensions: 10 minutes.  Lost balls: 10.

Sashko G. Dimovski


Taken from Dnevnik:

Vice chairman Hristov without his moustaches.

Metalurg won both trophies this season, the Cup and championship, while Filip Hristov the vice chairman of the club shaved his moustaches that were his brand for the last 30 years. Since the team won their title Hristov showed up at club’s celebration without moustaches so many couldn’t recognize his at first.

– It was weird when I started cutting my moustaches since I wear them for like 30 years.  But one must keep their promise. We’ve waited for this moment for a long time and I gladly shaved them, says Hristov.

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