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The regular press conference was held right after the match HC Metalurg – Brest Meshkov.

Zeljko Babic: “We have already ensured the third place in the SEHA-league, so this match did not mean anything of competitive aspect. That is why I would like to thank my players for their good game, their motivation and the excellent physical condition. I hope that we will keep our excellent mood in the Final Six of this competition.”

Ljubo Vukic: “We are better than HC Metalurg right now and it was evident from the beginning of the match. But week ago, on the first match in Brest, it was evident that we could have lost it if we had not used our strength in full. Now, we put a lot more efforts and managed to win. I hope that HC Metalurg will soon recover from the crisis. Congratulations to the team and I wish it to go far in the Final Six in Veszprem.”

Lino Cervar: “Today we were handicapped, as we already are, and played without Taleski, Neloski, and Stojanovic. But despite that, we are working and preparing for the play-offs in the Macedonian championship which will start next month. I hope that we will consolidate the team and manage to pull out everything we can until the end of the season.”

Borjan Madzovki: “I think that today we had the weakest match since we have formed this new team and we have made a lot of technical errors. Brest Meshkov used this and deserved to win. I wish them good luck in Veszprem.”

Photo: Filip Viranovski, “24 Rakomet”:

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