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Today, HC Metalurg 2 defeated RK Tekstilec in the match from the second round in the play-out phase. HC Metalurg 2 won with a result 28:24 (14:14).

We saw an interesting and quite uncertain match. HC Metalurg 2 was leading during most part of the match, but it never created an advantage with more than four goals, and the guest team would always find a way to get back in the game.

HC Metalurg 2 took the lead with 3:0 and increased to 5:1 in the 8-th minute. When we thought that we could easily win this match, HC Metalurg 2 started making errors, and the opponent used them well, so in the 19-th minute it reduced the advantage to 8:6 and then equaled the score for 8:8 in the 22-nd minute, and in the 27-th minute obtained an advantage of two goals, 10:12. However, both teams went on a half-time break with a result 14:14.

In the second half, things finally started to fall into the right place. HC Metalurg 2 took the lead with the first attack and kept it until the end of the match. In the 35-th minute, we were leading with an advantage of two goals, 16:14, then in the 40-th minute with three goals, and in the 44-th minute it became four goals, 22:18. The final score on this match was 28:24.

HC Metalurg 2 – RK Tekstilec 28:24 (14:14)

HC Metalurg 2: Danilovski (7 saves), Alusovski (4 saves), Boskovski 3, Krstanovski 3, Gosevski 1, Grozdanovski 2, Velkovski 3, Markudov 4, Stavridis 3, Davitkovski 6, Matijasic, Petreski 1, and Palevski 2.          Seven metre throws: 2/3.        Suspension: 6 minutes.

RK Tekstilec: Gjeorgjiev, Micev 5, Penev 1, Arsov 2, Savev 1, Pesevski 11, Avramovski 1, Manusev, Kiprijanovski, Danev 2, Sarasov 1, Gicev, Pesevski, and Jovanov.         Seven metre throws: 1/2.   Suspension: 10 minutes.

Referees: Aleksandar Vukasinovski and Mirko Trajkovski from Skopje.

Delegate: Dragi Papudziev from Skopje.

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