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Today, HC Metalurg held a press conference on the occasion of the match against HC PPD Zagreb on Sunday from the last round in the Velux EHF Champions League. Lino Cervar, the chief of the professional staff, Levce Kitevski, the president of the club, and Filip Taleski, on behalf of the players, were leading the press conference.

Lino Cervar: “We have come to our last match in the Velux EHF Champions League. Of course, this squad is completely different from the one that started the season. Now, we have practically a combination of the cadet and the junior team. We did not imagine that things will go this way, but this is the reality and now we are facing a new challenge. HC Metalurg is turning a new page. We, the professional staff and the management board and together with the players who have stayed, have focused our aim and want to finish well the rest of the matches. These players are very young and they were playing against RK Radovis and RK Prilep until yesterday, but now they are part of this competition and it is not easy for them. Our team will have a lot of victories and losses, but it is certain that it will become better, the young players will gather experience and one day this will be a great team again.

HC PPD Zagreb is an opponent that is well covered on each position. They play sharp defense, so our players will have a difficult task, no matter what type of defense they are going to play, either 5:1 or 6:0. They have good goalkeeper, a good back line, and fast wings that can punish each mistake. HC PPD Zagreb has got a bigger choice of players, so this will be a difficult match for our young players. But, the positive thing from the second half of the match against THW Kiel was that the players must relax and fight. This is a big experience for them, which is a very important thing for me.”

Cervar talked about the rivalry with Veselin Vujovic, HC PPD Zagreb’s coach: “In my career, I have always had respect for the other coaches. Vujo was my rival while he was working in Macedonia. The matches between HC Vardar and HC Metalurg were the biggest derby-matches not just on the Balkans, but also in Southeast Europe. I respect Vujovic as a coach. I always fight, although now we are not in a good position. My life has always been a fight and I will always fight for the victory. No matter that there is going to be a huge difference in the experience on this match, still we will do our best. This is a team which will grow through the victories and the losses.”

Cervar also talked about the future of HC Metalurg and about his role in it: “If the club works with full speed and stands on solid ground, then I will like to be part of it, to pass my knowledge to these young players and to help the handball in Macedonia to get new players. I will be happy if they become the new force in the Macedonian handball. I think that we are doing a good job. It is not easy for them, but if they are working hard, show ambition and fighting and team spirit, then we will have a new successful generation.”

Filip Taleski:HC PPD Zagreb is a big challenge for us. Things are not the same anymore, now we are the main players and the ones who have to bear the burden. We are happy that we have a coach like Lino Cervar and I know that a lot of players would like to be in our place. We will fight and I hope that we will have the support from the audience; we will play, so what will be, will be. Matches like this one are an excellent opportunity for gaining experience and one becomes a true great player exactly on these matches.”

Levce Kitevski: “We have come to the end of the Velux EHF Champions League. I thank all the present representatives of the written and the electronic media for their cooperation. We have both good and bad times; you have written good things, but critics as well. I respect that, as I respect every critic. I hope that our cooperation will continue, because HC Metalurg has turned a new page and survived the crisis. Our owner really wants to put back HC Metalurg where it belongs and I think that we will achieve this next year. I thank our loyal audience that has been with us during the critical times and I use this opportunity to invite all our fans to come on Sunday and to support our young players.”

Photo: Darko Andonovski from the daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija”.





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