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Zagreb, 29.09.2012 - Rukomet: Liga prvaka, skupina D, utakmica CO Zagreb protiv Pick Szegeda

The article in “Balkan Handball” looked sensational by announcing Slavko Goluza’s resigning from the office head coach of team of Zagreb. Soon Zagreb negated the allegations.

Still, something’s going on in Zagreb. The fail in the Champions League, that is Zagreb wining only five points and the not-placement in the eight-final stage including the unconvincing games in the SEHA- League, allegedly tottered the trust of club’s officials in Slavko Goluza’s abilities. Firstly, his assistants were replaced, and circle the speculations about termination of an agreement of cooperation with Goluza, who allegedly is going to stay in his position until June 1, which means after the final-four of the SEHA-League and the end of Croatian championship.

“Index” published more concrete article by supporting their claims with the statement of the almighty Zoran Gobac: “The truth is that we agreed with Goluza to stay in his position as official’s head until June 1, and then he has to make a choice- either the club or the representation.”

Personally, Gobac believes that Goluza will choice the representation, since they won three bronze medals: “In my opinion, it is realistic to stay in the representation and lead all the selections, from youth to senior.”

Gobac admitted that parallel operating both the club and representation didn’t give the result wanted: “Look, that’s impossible. The team in the Champions League was led by a young coach, the junior coach, and it’s not his fault that the team is not in the expected condition. Our team needs continuous work and maximal presence of the head coach and basically that’s the story about.”

Zagreb the next season is going to be administered by Coach Boris Dvorshak, who’s already leading the team in the home championship matches and SEHA- League.

“Yes, that’s our proposal,” concluded Zoran Gobac.

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