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Yesterday, no one expected that HC Metalurg 2 would face some troubles in defeating RK Rabotnicki on a match which was uncertain until the very end. Our players won with a result 28:27 (14:16), but they showed poor game and probably had their worst match in the ongoing season. This especially refers to our attacks which were handicapped because of the few injured players, like Davitkovski, Krstevski and Bojan Madzovski. The last two players were included in the squad, but they had a small contribution on the match.

HC Metalurg had a good start on the match and kept the lead in the first 20 minutes. After that, the opponent made a series of 5:0 for a turnover, and then our advantage of 9:7 became 9:12 in their favour, in the 23-rd minute. RK Rabotnicki acquired the highest advantage in the 27-th minute, when they had the lead with 15:11. The first half of the match ended with a result 16:14 for RK Rabotnicki.

Fierce fight followed in the second half of the match, too. In the 33-rd minute, HC Metalurg equaled the score to 17:17, but did not manage to make a complete turnover. We had to spend another 12 minutes just to return the lead in our favour. Finally, that happened in the 45-th minute, when we took the lead with 23:22. It seemed that we were about to break the tough opponent, but our team had another crisis and RK Rabotnicki made another series, and this time of 4:0 for 23:26.

The last two minutes on the match were the most dramatic ones, when the result was 27:27. In the 59-th minute, HC Metalurg took the lead with a seven metre shot by Martin Velkovski, and then we tried to stop the attacks of RK Rabotnicki in the following minute.

HC Metalurg 2 deserved the victory, but it would have also been fair if RK Rabotnicki had won.

HC Metalurg 2 – RK Rabotnicki 28:27 (14:16)

HC Metalurg 2: Danilovski, Blazevski, Boskovski, Beslievski, Borjan Madzovski 6, Kosteski 5, Grozdanovski, Manaskov 5, Velkovski 6, Markudov 2, Matijasic, Bojan Madzovski, Krstevski, and Palevski 4.   Seven metre throws: 7/9.     Suspension: 4 minutes.

RK Rabotnicki: Trajkovski, Gjurovski 6, Nacev 1, Stefanovski 2, Vasilevski 3, Kapidancev 2, Petrusevski 5, Dimovski 1, Macavelov 2, Jankulovski, Petkovski 5, Spasovski, Dolevski, Kalanovski, and Gjorgjieski.                Seven metre throws: 3/5.        Suspension: 16 minutes.
Red Card: Stefanovski (3 suspensions) in the 54-th minute, Dimovski (immediately disqualified) in the 59-th minute, and Milosevski, the chief of the professional staff, (for a protest) in the 59-th minute.

Referees: Spasko Kaev and Gligor Kaev from Skopje.

Delegate: Mile Najdenovski from Skopje.



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