22.05.2013 20:38

In the last match of the season, this evening Metalurg effortlessly defeated team of Tinex Prolet with result 32:16 (18:10).

 On the match without result pressure we played as well as necessary to gain high victory and new points and now we’re two matches away from the great clash with team of Vardar PRO.


Tinex Prolet opened the game well and led with 0:2 but Metalurg went back in the game and with series of 4:0 took over the lead and preserved it till the end. Already near the middle of the first part we gained high advantage, firstly of four 9:5 (14th minute) and later of seven, 13:6 (21 minute) while at the end it increased on 8 goals, 18:10.


Second halftime didn’t influence on power’s proportions. Metalurg continued filling opponent’s goal and the average rapidly grew +10 (44) and later +13 (51) while in the end it got +16. The veteran Alushovski proceeds with his goal-getter series since scored 5 goals. On the last four matches he had a total number of 22 goals which reminded the public of his glorious days. Just steps behind him were Batinoviс, Vugrinec and Zlatko Mojsoski shaking visitor’s net for the fourth time.


On this match again we played without Naumce Mojsoski but also Ace Jonovski got exemption.


 HC Metalurg- HC Tinex Prolet 32:16 (18:10)

HC Metalurg: Staniс (8 saves +penalty), Mitrevski (8 saves), Rakcevic 1, Levov, Dimovski, Vugrinec 4, Naumovski, Georgievski 3, Mirkulovski 3, Markoski 3, Mojsoski 4, Doder 2, Batinoviс 4, Mandiс 2, Alushovski 5, Korazija 1. Penalties: 3/4. Suspensions: 6 minutes.

HC Tinex Prolet: Grcevski, Ristevski 1, Dimovski, Mladenovski 2, Majnov, Rolevski 2, Jovanovski, Korunovski, Petrushevski 2, Cvetkovski, Stefanov 2, Andonovski, Pecenkovski 4, Spasovski 1, Gjorgievski 2 and Jovanovski. Penalties: 2/3. Suspensions: 6 minutes.

Judges: Nacevski Victor and Bozinovski Daniel from Skopje.

Delegacy: Nedelkovski Nedelko from Skopje.



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