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Goran Sprem(34), former Croatian representative and winner of the Olympic and world’s gold, got out of the contract by arrangement with team of Gumersbach and now he returns to Croatia to think about his future career. In his position (left wing) in Gumersbach comes the young Austrian representative Raul Santos. At the end of this season Gumersbach is leaving another young Serbian talent Nemanja Mladenovic (18), being displeased by his minutes per match, refused to continue the contract. Yet not everyone’s leaving Gumersbach. Fredrick Larson who came as a replacement for the injured Christof Shindler and Kentin Mahe, extended his contract for another year. Team of Legmo, because of the financial crisis, didn’t extend the contracts with Sebastian Price and Gunar Ditrich. The former’s joining Erlangen and the latter in the team of Ludwigshafen. On the other hand, Lemgo extended the contract with the second goal-scorer in team, Yens Benshlof. This new contract lasts till June 2015.

Nenad Puljezevic (39) announced his retiring from the team Hanover- Burgdorf at the end of the season. Hanover immediately found his replacement by engaging Nikolai Veber (32) from the team of Wetzlar.

Morten Olsen, player from middle row, is leaving Hanover to join San Rafael.

Deputy skipper of team of Grosvalshtad, left wing Michel Spatc, extended the contract with his team to 2016. This season he has the average 5 goals per game.

One of the best Russian handball players of the World Championship 2013, the goalkeeper Igor Levshin (38), from the bankrupt team of Post Shverin joint the lines of the German second league Laipcig.

Team of Gorenje signed a contract with three new handball players. Our competitor from the group C of the Champion League signed with the top Slovenian goal-scorer (154 goals), the right back Yerney Papez (22) from the team of Krka. He’s replacing Yure Dolenec who, next summer, is defending the colors of the French team of  Montpellier.

Gorenje signed with the brothers Benjamin and Semjanin Buric starting the season as Izvigjac members and then they joint and now currently playing for Borac from Banja Luka.

Celje PL started rejuvenating the team. It signed contract with the young Montenegrin Sefan Cavor (19), born in Kotor, and the last three years he was training with the youth team of Atletico Madrid. The contract with Celje validity date is two and a half years.

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