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Macedonia lost the match from the qualifications in Toulouse, with a result 35:24 (17:10). From the presented game, it seems that we did not deserve to lose with a high goal margin, because at least for half of the match we were an equal opponent.

In the first 15 minutes of the match, our national team was standing up against the famous handball champion, so in the 15 minute we were just one goal behind them, 7:8. But the often mistakes and the two suspensions in our team let the French team do a series of 8:1 for 8:16. The first half finished with a result 10:17.

We showed good game in the first 15 of the second half, when we reduced the seven goals advantage for three goals in just ten minutes. The advantage was reduced to three goals in the 42-nd minute, 18:21. Then, Onesta called a time-out and brought back Karabatic and Narcisse in the game. From that moment on, France consolidated the game and the advantage quickly turned into a double-digit one. The French team had the highest advantage in 57-th minute, when the score-board showed 21:33.

All four players from HC Metalurg had a chance to play on the court, although it was not in most part of the match, but still they managed to score the last three goals for the Macedonian national team.

France – Macedonia 35:24 (17:10)

France: Omeyer (6 saves), Dumoulin (6 saves), Abalo 3, Anic, Claire, Di Panda 3, Guigou 1, Honrubia, Joli 4 (3/3), N. Karabatic 6, L. Karabatic 1, Mahe 3, N’Guessan 4, Narcisse 4, Porte 4, and Sorhaindo 2.            Seven metre throws: 3/3.          Suspension: 2 minutes.

Macedonia: Ristovski (3 saves), Angelov (2 saves), Georgievski 1, Jonovski, Kosteski 1, K. Lazarov 9 (2/2), F. Lazarov 3, Manaskov 4, Markoski, Mirkulovski, Mitkov, Ojleski, Pesevski 2, Pribak 2, Stoilov 2, and Taleski.           Seven metre throws: 2/2.         Suspension: 6 minutes.

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