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One day before the trip to Denmark, Vanco Dimovski, who is one of the most experienced players in our team, stated his opinion about the up-coming championship.

We are at the very beginning of EURO 2014 in Denmark. What is your opinion about the whole tournament? What can we expect?

– The European Championship is a tournament where there are not any easy matches. It is held in Denmark, the European champion and the world’s runner-up, which of course is the most ambitious country. Since it is a tournament held in Scandinavia, the national teams of Iceland, Norway and Sweden will feel like home. Of course, there are many other strong national teams from Europe, so a quite interesting tournament lies ahead us.

Which are your favourite teams, and what do you think, which national team will go home first? Is there any national team which stands out from the rest and which part of the game does it dominate with?

My favourites are Denmark and Spain. I think that the last World Championship finale will repeat again by Denmark taking revenge upon Spain for last year’s defeat. In my opinion, the Montenegrin national team is a complete outsider, while in the other groups I think some of the national teams of Iceland, Hungary, Serbia and Russia also may leave earlier. In our group, I wish this for the Austrians.

I would like to mention Spain as one of the national teams that stand out, but I would like to see also how the Spanish defense would function without Arpad Sterbik. Also, there is Denmark with its excellent defense and quick transition. It seems to me that this tournament is a great opportunity for the “older” ones like Knudsen, Spellerberg and Sondergaard to finish their career with a gold medal.

There are many national teams (and one of them is Macedonia) in Denmark that arrived with half squad. Do you have any explanation about why there are too many injuries which probably will affect the quality of the championship?

– Many would say that this is due to the busy schedule, but I disagree. It was meant to be and you cannot change it. These things happen all the time before each big tournament. It is certain that these absences will reduce the championship’s quality, but it is more important to keep the uncertainty because the national teams are now more equal.

Realistically speaking, without Naymce Mojsovski, we are handicapped. Honestly, what do you expect from Macedonia on this European Championship? What are our chances? Can we get to the second round or maybe even more?

– It is true that we are handicapped, especially in the first phase. I wish to pass that phase as we did on the previous European championships. In order to achieve this, we need to play on a very high level, even if we had to exceed our real abilities. On every match, we must be highly motivated, incredibly feisty and honest first regarding ourselves and knowing that we have given 100%. This the only way we can attract luck, and we will need a lot of it. Our aim is to enter in the second phase, and then …

Denmark is our first opponent on the championship. In the absence of Markussen, Mikkel Hansen is obviously their sole shooter. Do you have any special recipe how to “keep” Denmark under 25 goals, and can we expect any chase for surprise?

I would say that our sole aim on the match against Denmark is to show a high level of performance. On this match, we should try to eliminate the drawbacks which occurred during the preparations and, in my opinion, in this manner to welcome the key matches against the national teams of the Czeck Republic and Austria.

We had the recipe, and we should only play a good defense and not to allow the Danes to run freely on the court, we should reduce their mobility. Their last prep-match against the team of Qatar finished with the result 23:23 and this match should serve us as an example how to play against the strong Danish team.

HC Metalurg wishes you and your team-mates good luck, health and success on this championship.

Thank you very much, in the name of my team-mates and I. I hope that we will make a good presentation in Denmark, and through this we will successfully present our club as well, and I hope that we will come back in good health and ready to continue with our club’s obligations.

Lots of sports greetings.


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