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Vardar has won the first match with minimal 25:24 (15:14), but Metalurg has got all the chances to come to a positive result and to acquire the title in the re-match which is going to be held in our handball temple “Avtokomanda”. According to the expectations and the status of the derby, we saw an excellent and feisty match where both teams put all their strength in it in order to come to a positive result.

In most part of the match, Vardar was keeping an advantage of one to four goals, but Metalurg had their moments, too, and in the 21-st minute, we took over the lead for the first time through the goal of Vugrinec. In the first half of the match, we did not have much help from our goalkeepers, so Stanic had only one save, while Mijatovic did not have any at all. The end of the first half was marked by the referees’ controversial decision when the obvious offensive foul from Brumen was marked as a seven metre throw for Vardar, and Gergievski got a two-minute suspension, because he openly stated his disagreement with the referees. Dibirov did not mind this situation to score for 14:13. On five seconds until the end of the first half of the match, we managed to equal the score through Dimovski for 14:14, but Dujshebaev scored a goal from around ten metres for a score 15:14 on the half-time break.

We had a crisis in the first ten minutes of the second half of the match. Our goalkeeper Mitrevski was the third substitute on our goal and he continued in the same manner as his colleagues and did not change a single thing in the efficiency. In the attacks, we made several mistakes and the opponent used this to take the lead with an advantage of three goals, 17:14, and in the 38-th minute they had even four goals advantage. Darko Stanic returned in the right moment on our goal, caught a rhythm and managed to save six shots of the opponent’s attacks. Vardar had an advantage of four goals at 22:18 and at 25:21 for the last time on the match. Metalurg showed their character when with a series of 3:0 managed to get back in the game from the big deficit and to turn the score into a completely positive one.

The re-match is scheduled on 8-th of May, but this time on our court. If we keep Vardar on 23 goals, then we need a victory of just one goal, and if we let the opponent score more than 24 goals, then we will need a victory with two goals advantage. Anyway, we have an attainable score. After countless number of times, the best scorer of our team was maestro Renato Vugrinec with ten goals.

HC Vardar – HC Меtalurg 25:24 (15:14)

HC Vardar: Аngelov, Мilic, Маlumbres, Коzlina, Pribak 4, Тоskic 2, Rakovic, Маrkovic, Каracic, Dujshebaev 5, Абутовиќ, Lazarov 4, Теrzic, Dibirov 7, Brumen 1 and Chipurin 2.     Penaltys: 2/2.   Suspension: 8 min..

Металург: Stanic, Мijatovic, Мitrevski, Ојleski 1, Dimovski 3, Vugrinec 10, Georgievski 1, Маnaskov, Мirkulovski 5, V.Маrkoski, N.Маrkoski, Јоnovski, Мојsoski, Cindric 4, Кеdjo and Borozan.    Penaltys: 5/6.   Suspension: 6 min.

Referees: Мitrevski Dimitar and Тоdorovski Blagojce from Bitolа.

Delegates: Nachevski Dragan and Nikolovski Аcо from Skopje.

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