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The left back of Dinamo Minsk and representation of Montenegro, Vasko Shevaljevic is one of the players posing a great danger to us on Saturday’s match against Dinamo Minsk. Shevaljevic kindly agreed to give a short interview for our website.

What do you know of the Macedonian handball champion, Metalurg?

– Well, I’ve been following Metalurg’s European matches and I remember its good play during the last season of the Champions Leagues. I know that Metalurg is well-organized team with an immense reputation, not only in Macedonia. And on the Balkan everyone knows about your derby-matches with team of Vardar PRO. I didn’t have the opportunity to watch the games, but I’d love to.

Which player of Metalurg threatens you most?

– Metalurg is a strong collective, unity of excellent players in all the positions. Concerning the offense, I’d say Mojsovki and Rakcevic. They know each other well, since they played together for a long time. Naturally, Mirkulovski and Vugrinec pose a risk, being the aces of the team. You are coached by trusted specialist, and your game’s success is based on Stanic saves, being your leading card.

What’s the atmosphere like after Metalurg beat your team?

– The atmosphere in our team is right. We accomplished our goal with the placement in this stage of the Champions League. That’s why we’ve got nothing to lose. Back in Minsk we played one of our worst matches from the beginning of the competition in the Champions League and we’re looking forward to a better one in Skopje.

After the defeat on the home ground, what are your chances for placement in the next stage?

– There’s always a chance. It is human to hope. But the fact exists that we have to play double better and to be preferable team to Metalurg, in order to counter for the three-goal defeat. We are quite aware that it’s not an easy task but we surely won’t wave white flag. We’ll give our best to enter the following stage.

All the tickets for the hall Boris Trajkovski are sold out. Is it hard playing before 7000 fans?

– It’s definitely hard to play an away game before 7000 fans. Beside the fact- away game, we have to deal with the fact that Metalurg has result but also a psychological advantage. We‘ve played many good away games against strong opponents. But we’ll have to do it even better; we must play our best match this season to go further. We’ll try, we’ll give our best shot, so what will be, will be…

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