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The Executive Committee of the SEHA – league had a meeting yesterday in Zagreb and was selecting a candidate for organizing the Final Four. Of the four candidates (MKB-MVM Veszprem, HC Vardar, RK Vojvodina and the city of Porec), it was decided MKB-MVM Veszprem to organize the Final Four. The Executive Committee made this decision, but the sponsor insisted on it, because the Final Four tournaments should have a different host each year. The previous tournaments were held in Zagreb, Skopje, and Novi Sad. However, before signing the contract, MKB-MVM Veszprem will have to pass the official examination of the SEHA-league, considering the accommodation facilities, the hall, and the organization. Sinisa Ostojic, the director of the SEHA-league, will conduct the official examination.

News is that this year, instead of four, there will be six teams in the Final Four. This way the event will attract more attention and the competition will be bigger. The first two teams on the table will ensure a direct ticket to the semi-finals, while the other two tickets will be for the teams from the 3-rd to the 6-th place, through the format 3-6 and 4-5.

On the meeting, it was considered a possibility the league to accept new candidates, because Wisla Plock, Besiktas JK, Vive Tauron Kielce, and RK Celje showed interest in being part of it. At the moment, only Macedonia and Croatia have the right on two participants in the league, and Brest Meshkov is obliged to play there. That is why the new applications will be analyzed additionally. For now, there are ten teams in the league, but the final decision will be reached during the Final Four tournament, which will take place at the end of next month.

Furthermore, the Executive Committee expressed their worries about the performance of the official representatives, so in future they must strictly follow the standards, for the SEHA-league is a highly professional organization.


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