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We knew we’re about to face a very demanding game with high-quality and motivated team which according to Denic’s words came in Skopje to win. So it happened. We’ve witnessed trench warfare of both teams aware of the clash’s meaning, a battle which we won. We’ve also witnessed a game where the defense failed particularly the goal keeper but the offence played its best. Metalurg in the last two matches (Barcelona and Dinamo Minsk) received unusual number of goals, 64, and it’s on a good way to lose the title- best defense in last two season of Champions League.

This is the chronological order of the events:

00.51: The rivals’ first offense. Nikulenkov scores a goal, 0:1.

Bundalo reprimanded.

02.03: We use our second offense- Atman’s first goal, 1:1.

Incident situation, Bundalo and Markoski got suspended.

03.10: After Selmenko’s assistance, Doborac scored a goal, 1:2.

03.45: Vugrinec ties the score, 2:2.

04.17: Denis Rutenka scored his first goal, 2:3.

Pejanovic saved Vugrinec’s goal.

05.49: Georgievski did a counter-attack and tied the score, 3:3.

Stanic stopped Nikulenkov’s shot.

06.39: Georgiesvki scored another goal and for the first time Metalurg controlled the game, 4:3.

07.09: Selmenko leveled the result, 4:4.

07.35: Naumce Mojsovsi scored his first goal, 5:4.

07.49: Fast center and Nincevic’s goal, 5:5.

Atman lies on the ground and the medical team helps him.

08.46: Vugrinec scored the second goal, 6:5.

09.21: Now Doborac scores and reaches a new tie game, 6:6.

09.31: Manaskov and Georgievski play fast center while Goce scores his third and last goal, 7:6.

10.44: Selmenko scores his second goal, 7:7.

11.29: Denis Rutenka scores a goal and the opponent regains the lead, 7:8.

Stanic is on the bench and Rade Mijatovic keeps the goal.

Metalurg got penalized after the rough start of Atman.

12:11: Vugrinec scores the penalty. That is his third goal and again a tie score, 8:8.

12.51: Manaskov cut across the ball and scored a goal in counter attack, 9:8.

13.28: Third goal by Rutenka and 9th leveling of the result, 9:9.

14.31: Atman loses his ball while Rutenka used that and scores his 4th goal, 9:10.

16.14: Bombac in his first offense scores a goal and the guest team has the highest lead, 9:11.

17.18: Vanco Dimovski interrupted the series of the rival, 10:11.

18.05: No solution for Denis Rutenka who scores his 5th goal, 10:12.

Doruscuk got suspended.

18.53: Vugrinec’ s fourth goal, 11:12.

19.28: We receive a goal with one player more, scorer Nincevic 11:13.

19.55: Atman scores a goal, 12:13.

21.19: Nincevic scores a new goal, 12:14.

21.29: Metalurg plays fast centre and Naumce Mojsovski’s second goal, 13:14.

22.16: The skipper takes thing under control- third goal by Mojsovski, 14:14.

Dinamo Minsk called for a time-out.

Vugrinec fouled Bombac and got 2 minute suspension. Dinamo Minsk’s penalty.

Mijatovic saves Nincevic’s shot.

24.00: Mojsovski missed the goal while Nincevic in fast counter attack scored a goal, 14:15.

24.59: Metalurg is completed in Dimovski scores his second goal, 15:15.

25:25: Nincevic scores again, 15:16.

26.02: Dimovski like in the old days, his third goal-12th tie score of the game, 16:16.

26.36: Nincevic’s sixth goal after Bombac assisted him, 16:17.

27.21: New goal by atman and another leveling, 17:17.

Mijatovic saves the shot by Aguirrezabalaga.

28.28: Goce Ojlevski who replaced Manskov score goal and return our lead, 18:17.

29.12: Nincevic’s foul in offense while Ojleski scores his second goal that is our biggest lead, 19:17.

29.30: Bombac interrupts this series, 19:18.

Cervar calls for a timeout.

29.53: Naumce Mojsovski scores goal, 20:18.

First halftime ends.

Pejanovic save.

30.52: Dinamo played a counter attack – Bundalo scored a goal, 20:19.

31.47: Mojsovski scored back, 21:19.

Selmenko shoots over the goal.

33.30: Mojsovski put us in control position, 22:19.

34.08: Rutenka scored his 6th goal, 22:20.

35.01: Ojleski scored a goal of an exceptionally hard position, 23:20.

Nikulenkov hit the goalpost.

35.53: The phenomenal Ojleski scores again, 24:20.

Poor zeppelin between Rutenka and Doborac, yellow card for coach Denic.

37.42: Vugrinec’s shoot got blocked while the opponent played counter attack. Doborac scores, 24:21.

38.42: Pecakovski scored goal right when he came in, 25:21.

Rutenka got fouled.

39.11: Doborac lobbed Stanic, 25:22.

39.56: Atman’s goal hit the goalpost while Selmenko scored a goal in counterattack, 25:23.

Penalty for Metalurg but Pejanovic saved Vugrinec’s goal.

41.43: the black series continues- Nikulenkov scored goal, 25:24.

Pejanovik has two saves one after another.

43.43: Selmenko tied the score while Dinamo did a series 4:0, 25:25.

Mijatovic saved Bundalo’s goal.

44.49: After six minutes Vugrinec scored a goal, 26:25.

45.24: Nikulenkov for the last time draw the score, 26:26.

46.01: Pavel Atman did an explosive breakout, 27:26.

Mijatovic saved Nincevic’s goal.

Vugrinec missed the goal.

Miklavcic hit the goalpost.

The anxious Nincevic got 2 minute suspension.

48.24: Atman scored his fifth goal, 28:26.

The rival made mistake but in counterattack Georgievski’s shot hit the goalpost.

Another poor action by the opponent.

51.22: Well done Ojleski- 29:26.

Boris Denic called for a timeout.

52.33: Bundalo blocked our series, 29:27.

Vugrinec missed at first but laster interrupted the opponent’s counterattack.

Lino Cervar called for a timeout.

54.02: Naumce Mojsovski scored 6th goal, 30:27.

55.54: Our skipper scored his seventh goal, 31:27.

Selmenko’s goal hit the goalpost.

57.03: Atman scored a goal and we controlled the game, 32:27. It seemed that it’s all over.

57.14: Dinamo played fast center and Rutenka scored a goal, 32:28.

58.07: Dimovski, with his fourth goal confirmed the victory, 33:28.

59.15: Penalty for Dinamo. Doborac scored a goal, 33:29.

End of the match.


Metalurg- Dinamo Minsk 33:29 (20:18)

Arena: Boris Trajkovski in Skopje. Viewers: 7.000

Metalurg: Stanic (2 saves), Mijatovic (5+1 save), Ojleski 5/5, Dimovski 4/7, Pecakovski 1/3, Vugrinec 6/12 (1/2), Goergievski 3/4, Manaskov 1/2, V. Markoski, Z. Mojsoski, N. Markoski, N. Mojsovski 7/10, Atman 6/9, Kedzo, Jonovski, Mandic. Coach: Lino Cervar. Penalties: 1/2. Suspension:4 minutes. Lost balls: 2.

Dinamo Minsk: Pejanovic (8+1 save), Bogdanov, Rutenka 7/7, Bombac 2/2, Selmenko 4/6, Doroscuk, Markelau, Nikulenkau 3/5, Miklavcic 0/1. Doborac 5/7 (2/2), Aguirrezabalaga 0/2, Stetsyura, Nincevic 6/8 (0/1), Bundalo 2/4, Nakhaenko, Brouka.    Coach: Boris Denic. Penalties: 2/3. Suspension: 6 minutes. Lost balls: 8.

Referees: Dobrovic and Tajok from Hungary.

Delegacy: Josip Posavec from Croatia.

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