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This article is taken from Macedonian sport.

From an ordinary Macedonian viewer’s aspect, Barcelona is archived and all eyes are on the home game against the richest club in the handball history – Paris Saint Germain.

This team visited Macedonia twice, against Pelister and Metalurg. Both times they got eliminated while in Skopje the difference was nine goals.

But things have changed since. IHF gave Qatar to organize a mundial and shortly after the football owner of PSG (Qatar’s sheik) decided to revive the handball section which was functioning separately as Paris Handball without the brand name of PSG.

Suddenly millions of euros flowed into the club’s budget. Firstly it was a sum of 5 million but after AG Copenhagen fell apart and starts like Michel Hansen became available the budget nearly doubled and reached 9 million. According to the reports of the French papers, this year it has increased to a record of over 13 million euros.

Long-time residents in the club are the goalkeeper Patrice Annonay and Ibrahim Diaw the only players who clashed Metalurg on the last game of PSG on the European scene. The team has engaged a whole legion of young players like  N’diaye, M’Tima, Nonnone, Boubou Ture, Njo, Jackubu-first team logistics. When the new owner bought the club the first team enriched with Mladen Bojinovik, Samuel Onrubia players of French championships later the enforcement of Ciudad, Luk Abalo and Didier Dinart while form Spain flew Roberto Garcia and Manuel Siera. From Iceland joined the pivot Robert Gunnarsson and the left-handed Asgeir Halgrimsson, Croatian Marko Kopjar and the legendary Mikkel Hansen.

With this squad the team that became the champion of France but in meantime the player shopping went on. Igor Vori of Hamburg, Daniel Narcisse of Kiel and Gabor Csaczar of Veszprem consist the three main investments. Later Jakov Gojun of Atletico signed a contract and Fahrudin Melic of Gorenje. Didier Dinart retired at the beginning of the season.

Metalurg is aware of the power of the opponent that’s about to clash. Parisians had less impressive preparations and season kick-off but their victory with 11 goals difference over Vardar serves as a warning.

This year Metalurg’s game depends on Vanco Dimovski’s performance. The experienced pivot provides security of the lines and it’s necessary for duel against the French stars.

“Those who know a little of handball are familiar with team of PSG. And those who don’t surely have heard of several names. At least of those three names play in PSG. I wouldn’t waste my words describing the team that comes tomorrow in Skopje. Right now they’re not in their best and maybe that’s our chace. New team played only two seasons. They’ve bought many stars the first year and some more this year to complete the team but nothing can be done overnight so functioning won’t come easy. But being a top players means fast adaptation on the game,” says Dimovski.

“We’ll play without Mirkulovski and that’s big misfortune. But no use of crying. Players are familiar with the challenge. Teams like PSG don’t come in Macedonia every day. Everyone in the group knows that PSG or Barcelona take the first or second place. Teams that could gain a point or two get to be superior to the others in the top 16 battle. For three years we’ve collecting experience by playing against such teams of the Champions League. We know our flaws and that’s the reason why we lost games against big teams like HCV or Kielce last year. Clashing weaker teams taught us to gain points in away game but now it’s time to defeat a big name. Three more days have left to work things out. Mirkulovski’s absence and Atman’s injury … we know the players and their playing tactics. How they’ll try to take us out and lead to premature score, also the defend game. We’re going to be careful with every ball passing and action. We got to do our thing and if it’s possible to surprise them,” announced Metalurg pivot.

The match takes place on Saturday at 18.00. PSG arrives in Skopje tomorrow in the afternoon.

Author: Rici Gjamovski


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