10.02.2013 15:21

Zagreb demands a replay of the match with Dinamo Minsk, because of the supposedly severe violation of the material regulations. An appeal was sent to the European handball house, EHF.

The appeal refers to the event in the 24th minute, when the suspended Belorussian handball player Cipulis entered the game in special, fluorescent shirt and took part in the capelin shot of Dinamo Minsk. Zagreb’s bench furiously protested, but neither the delegate from Netherland nor the Slovenian judges reacted on this and the scorekeeper recorded the scored goal.


“Handball club Zagreb submitted an official appeal because of a typical case of violating the material regulations of the game. Byelorussians, instead of a goal keeper they put a player with the special fluorescent shirt, but that was the same player previously suspended. The judges and the delegacy should have to invalidate the score and to suspend another of their handball player. It was the 24th minute and the future events were uncertain. We demand for a replay,” claims the head manager of Ante Ancik team.

The club is aware of the fact that these battles are hard to win, but still they base their hopes on the obvious and cardinal violation of the rules. However, Zagreb lost this match with result 23:25 and the team of Dinamo Minsk had an advantage from the very beginning of the match.

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