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HC Metalurg has marked the first defeat in the Macedonian play-off, after it has just been defeated by HC Vardar, with a result 18:26 (9:14).

HC Vardar absolutely deserved to mark another triumph, because it controlled the result in most part of the match. However, HC Metalurg stood up to them, especially in the first 15 minutes of the match, when the teams were changing the lead. HC Vardar could not break HC Metalurg for quite some time, and it was in the 22-nd minute when it finally created an advantage of three goals. After the excellent start, HC Metalurg faced with the solid defense of HC Vardar’s team and struggled to find the path to their goal. The few suspensions and the technical errors let our opponent finish the first half with an advantage of five goals, 9:14.

The home team was also dominant at the beginning of the second half, at first acquiring an advantage of seven goals, 16:9, and then for the highest +8 for today, 18:10, in the 37-th minute. By the end, the fight became equal again, and HC Metalurg was trying to reduce the advantage.

HC Metalurg has showed that the team has got quality, but now it is evident that HC Vardar has got stronger team.

HC Vardar – HC Metalurg 26:18 (14:9)

HC Vardar: Strerbik, Angelov (13 saves), Toskic 3, Brumen 2, Dibirov 2, Karacic 3, Dujshebaev 4, Stoilov 1, Shishkarev 1, Lazarov 4, Terzic 1, Markovic 2, Pribak 3, and Chipurin.
Seven metre throws: 1/2.        Suspension: 4 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Efendic (4 saves + one seven metre shot), Mitrevski (5 saves), Ojleski 1, Stojanovic 1, Buvinic, Djukic 2, Vojvodic 4, Taleski 3, Pesevski 1, Neloski, Vrgoc 3, Golubovic 1, Manaskov, Borjan Madzovski 1, Kosteski, and Bojan Madzovski 1.
Seven metre throws: 2/2.        Suspension: 8 minutes.

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