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Yesterday ended New Year’s Metalurg tournament.

In the morning, boys and girls from generation2004 were competing and in the afternoon there was a cup competition of generation 2002/2003.

First there were two semifinal matches in male competition with the following results:

Bauerfind- Stobi 20: 16 (9:8)

First half final was the best, most quality and vigorous match in the whole tournament. We witnessed an impetuous fight and desire for victory- the attributes of young sportists. Although handballers are only nine or ten years old, they were playing as professionals. In the evened match, teams switched the lead. In the first half time, result was leveled eight times, and the duration of the half time was 10 minutes. Still, Bauerfind won this part of match with result 9: 8 Bauerfind kept their lead till the end of the match, although Stobi boys were in a hot pursuit. Two minutes before the end, game got really hot when Stobi was only one goal behind, 17:16. However, with a series of 3:0, Bauerfind finally secure its place in the final. Zernovski Junior scorning tournament- high 11 goals. In Stobi team Fidanovski (9) and Mladenovski (7) also did well.

Bauerfind: Asprovski 1, Srvinovski 1, Zernovski 11, Smilevski, Apostolovski 6 and Andonovski 1.

Stobi: Neshik, Belik, Premcevski, Fidanovski 9, Mladenovski 7, Bogoevski and Gorgevik.

Repro 21- Backstage 13:10 (8:7)

Second half final, though without the quality of the first, was spent in a large and evened fight, where teams switch the lead with great number of leveled scores, 6. The match was decided in the second half of the second half time, when Retro 21 was in advantage with two goals, 10:8. At the end, Repro 21 won with result 13:10. Winning team has important players like: Milev (5) and Deanov(4) and losing team has Stefkovski(6).

Repro 21: Dimovski, Milev 5, Trpevski, Nelovski 2, Deanov 4, Kostovski 2, Krestevski and Sara Kostovska.

Backstage: Kovacevski 3, Avramovski, Boicevski, Hadzidaov 1, Stanislav, Kostadinov and Stevkosvki 6.

After the semifinal matches in the male competition, it was the girls turn from Kemoa and Fakom to step up on the floor.

Kempa- Fakom 17:7 (6:2)

The final clash went in a complete domination of Kempa girls. Since the very beginning Kempa led with result 5:0 and it was more than obvious that they’re taking the cup home. First part finished with result 6:2. In the second half time Kempa team fueled the game and they‘re leading with the maximum 11 goals, 15:4. The final match result was 17:7.

Kempa: P. Stojanovska 3, Dimitrovska, Georgievska 7, Aleksovka 2, Mirkovik, Apoleska, P.M. Stojanovska, Kapasarova 2, Jusufovik, Gurgik 3 and Cvetanovak.

Fakom: Burazer 1, Petrevska 1, Savovska, Ristevska, Velkovska, Stojanovska, Ivanovska1, Dimitrievska 1 and Kocovska 3.

Mila Gogievska was proclaimed for best goal-scorer

Best player was Elena Ivanovska.

The all-star tournament team choice:

Tamara Petrevska

Sara Gurik

Anastasija Burazer

Tea Geshtakovska

Mihaela Stojanovska

The premium edition of New Year’s Metalurg tournament finished with the final match in male competition between Bauerfinder and Repro 21

Baurefind – Repro 21 15: 7 (6:4)

Although we were all wishing for dynamic and even contest, still it didn’t happen. It was dynamic but not even.  Bauerfind team from the very beginning took the initiative and soon had a four-goal advantage, 6:2. Still, the half time ended with result 6:4, and the both team kept their chances for a final triumph. But with the Bauerfind series of 4:0 in the beginning of the second part, the winner was obvious. Final result from the match was 15:7. Nikola Zernovski was the most precise, with 8 scores.

Bauerfind: Asprovski, Srbinovski 3, Zernovski 8, Smilevski, Pavlovski 3 and Andonovski 1.

Repro 21: Dimovski, Milev 1, Trpevski, Nelobski 1, Deanov 4, Kostovski 1, Krstevski and Sara Kostovska.

Nikola Zernovska was proclaimed for best goal-scorer.

Best player was Filip Deanov.

The all-star tournament team choice:

Filip Fidanovski

Naum Tasevski

David Brestovac

Boris Pavlovski

Gorazd Nelovski

The tournament was excellently organized by Metalurg and we hope that it will become a tradition. For two days we had the opportunity to interact with the kids from our schools and their parents.



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