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With the last match against Brest Meshkov, HC Metalurg finished with its duties in the SEHA-league and the team will now completely focus on the upcoming play-offs in the Macedonian champion.

We have lost the match against Brest Meshkov with a big goal margin 17:26 (9:12).

On the this match, he team lacked the injured Taleski and Neloski, and Mitrevski and Stojanovic joined them, too, while Pesevski still has not fully recovered from his muscle injury, although he was playing on the match. Our biggest problem is still the unsynchronized game of the team, and Lino Cervar will try to fix this in the next 30 days after which will begin the play-offs.

We were an equal opponent in the first 15 minutes and we had a control of the result. But by the end of the first half, the guest team created an advantage and went on a half-time break with +3, 12:9.

We had a bad start in the second half and let the opponent create an advantage of eight goals in the 39-th minute, 10:18. It kept it until the end of the match which the guest team won it with a result 26:17.

HC Metalurg – Brest Meshkov 17:26 (9:12)

HC Metalurg: Efendic (8 saves + one seven metre throw), Misovski, Mitrevski, Golubovic 4, Ojleski 4, Bojan Madzovski 1, Kosteski 1, Manaskov 2, Kukoski, Buvinic 2, Krstevski, Borjan Madzovski, Vojvodic 1, Pesevski, Djukic, and Vrgoc 1.           Seven metre throws: 2/5.
Suspension: 2 minutes.

Brest Meshkov: Charapenka (13 saves + one seven metre throw + one goal), Pesic, Babichev 3, Bozovic 2, Manojlovic 4, Kamyshyk, Nikulenkau 2, Stojkovic 1, Shumak 1, Vukic 4, Baranau, Karacic, Rutenka 1, Razgor 2, Shylovich 2, and Astrashapkin 1.
Seven metre throws: 2/3.        Suspension: 4 minutes.


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