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HC Metalurg fought back against HC Vardar, but it was not enough for the title in the Macedonian Cup.

HC Vardar had been the big favourite before the beginning of the match and maintained that role until the end, but the team surprisingly experienced some setbacks on the road to the victory. HC Metalurg played well and during the whole match was in a position to attack the score.

In the first ten minutes of the match, HC Metalurg was keeping a minimal advantage, but then we paid the price with the poor realization in the attacks, because HC Vardar managed to make a complete turnover and to take the lead with a series of 5:0 for 7:3. Five minutes before the end of the first half, we reduced the advantage to just one goal, 10:9, but anyway we were two goals behind on the half-time break, 13:11.

HC Metalurg kept attacking in the second half. By the 50-th minute, HC Vardar could not create a bigger advantage, and HC Metalurg was constantly at their heels. In the 45-th minute, the score was 18:17 and in the 49-th minute was 19:18. In the last ten minutes of the match, the main favourite finally managed to increase the advantage and to finish the match with +4, 26:22.

HC Vardar deserved the trophy in the Macedonian Cup, but we must congratulate HC Metalurg’s young team, too, which in any second was not inferior in the match.

HC Vardar’s pivot, Stojance Stoilov, was the MVP in the Final Four of the Macedonian Cup, Petar Angelov was the best goalkeeper, and Alex Dujshebaev was the best scorer.

HC Vardar – HC Metalurg 26:22 (13:11)

HC Vardar: Sterbik, Angelov (17 saves), Stoilov 1, Brumen, Pribak, Toskic 2, Markovic 3, Karacic 5, Dujshebaev 8, Abutovic, Lazarov, Rastvortsev, Dibirov 3, Gorbok 4, Shishkarev, Chipurin.

HC Metalurg: Efendic, Mitrevski (12 saves), Golubovic 2, Ojleski 5, Bojan Madzovski, Kosteski, Manaskov 1, Buvinic 2, Kukoski, Borjan Madzovski, Taleski 1, Vojvodic 6, Pesevski 2, Djukic 2, Vrgoc, Stojanovic 1.

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