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Metalurg draw strong opponent in the eight-final of the Champions League. Dinamo Minks is an extraordinary collective, project of the Belorussian handball, led by Sergei Bebeshko, 44-year old Ukrainian handball specialist and an Olympic champion of OG 1992 in Barcelona, where he played for the selection of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Mr. Bebeshko kindly agreed to give a short interview for Metalurg’s official site.

482592_572820456062482_1004850845_n_resize1. What do you know about HC “Metalurg” and Macedonian handball?
– We know quite a lot. We played with this club in the Champions League qualification in 2010, and in “Struga” tournament last summer. Also, we keep in touch with Veselin Vujovic, the head coach of “Vardar”. So, we are aware of almost all the events that take place in Macedonian handball. We know almost everything about “Metalurg” . We’ve tracing this club since 2010, when they played in the Champions League qualification. This season “Metalurg ” was in full view, playing in the group stage. The level of Macedonian championship is approximately equal to the Belarusian. Only two teams fight for the victory. But “Metalurg” and “Vardar” also take part in SEHA-league, and do it well, laying claim to the victory in it.
2. Are you satisfied with this opponent or you wanted to play against another team?
– “Metalurg” is a very good, trained team. Everybody has a fear of Bundesliga clubs. Certainly, we did not want to have battles against “Kiel”. But “Flensburg” I think, could be a good contender. As for Macedonian champion, this team plays away not so successful in comparison with home matches, where they almost have no defeats. In Skopje “Metalurg” lost just a single duel against the Polish “Vive”, the only team that never lost in the group stage this season.107313_resize

3.Which “Metalurg’s player assumes the greatest risk?
– It’s not a secret that the two main actors in the squad of Macedonian champion are goalkeeper Darko Stanic, who was named best goalkeeper at the European Championship in 2011, as well as middle back Naumce Mojsovski, who is a motor of the team. We should also note Filip Mirkulovski, who is maybe not so noticeable, but it comes a great risk for the organization of the game from him. Renato Vugrinec is also worthy to be mentioned. This veteran is in an outstanding fit now.

572-sergej-bebeyoko-yvynosili-s-ploschadki-na-rukag-kak-toreadora-posle-korridyy_resize4.What do you expect from the confrontation against “Metalurg” and what will be its result?
-For sure, I would like “Dinamo” to be a winner. These two games will be stressful. Taking into consideration that our team plays away very well (that we have shown throughout the group stage) we need to do our best in Minsk. The match in Macedonia will be very hard, but we have already shown that in away games guys do not give up and fight. So, I think that we can win in Skopje.
5. Will it be so hard to play in Skopje among seven thousand of fans?
– We have already played in Zagreb among eight thousands and beat the local team. SB19On the one hand, fans in Skopje are much more aggressive and support their players much better. Well, the hall itself is more compact. On the other hand, the ground has 40×20 meters size, and audience doesn’t score goals. I see nothing wrong with the fact that opponent will be actively supported. On the contrary, we’ll be happy to play there, because we play among such a great quantity of spectators not so often. Previous matches have shown that we look normal under the pressure.

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